International School Fee in Malaysia

If you want your children to attend an international school, you should know the information on international school fee in Malaysia. The tuition fees are used for recruitment of top international teachers and other annual operations. They also cover a nominal (RM20) Society Membership Subscription Fee. Here are the steps to pay the tuition fee in Malaysia. But before you make payment, check the requirements of the school. Some schools are a bit more expensive than others.

International school fees in Malaysia are quite high. Some schools charge several thousand dollars. The fees usually include application fee, school development fee, tuition fee, and extra language assistance. There are many good international schools in Malaysia. One such school is Campus Rangers International School, which offers the British national curriculum and the Singapore primary syllabus. In terms of fees, international schools are considered the best option for parents seeking good education for their children. The school is located in the heart of the city, and has a low student-teacher ratio. international primary school

If you choose to study abroad, make sure to give it at least a year before quitting. There are many reasons for quitting, and some are only temporary. Give yourself time and find out if the problems are short-term or permanent. Otherwise, it might be better to consider other options. But the international school fee in Malaysia is worth giving a shot. Just remember that some students don’t like their new surroundings, and you may be able to make it work if you’re prepared to put in some extra effort.

In Malaysia, parents have two options for paying their child’s school fees. They can either drop payment at the Finance Collection Counter during office hours, or pay the fees online via the Cashless System. Parents who pay the annual school fee in advance will get a 3% rebate on tuition fees, if they pay in full. If you choose to pay the fees in full, you should visit the Menara OCBC in Kuala Lumpur.

When paying the admission fee, applicants must present their Student Pass or Dependent Pass. Failure to provide these documents may lead to problems at immigration points. Also, certain family members of expatriate students can accompany their children in Malaysia, if they hold the Long Term Social Pass (LTP) or Guardian Pass. However, the student must be in Malaysia to obtain the LTP. You should bring these documents with you while you’re paying the admission fee in Malaysia.


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